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"It was a pleasure to work with your company on the project that we did together. You made everything seamless and easy, I didn't have to talk with anyone, but you, to get things handled. You answer within 12-24hrs and you made sure the communication was great on both ends. I look forward to working with you again in the future."

Courtland Toney- Photographer

"Working with Paata Stanley Management was a wonderful experience from start to finish. First Advantage hired Paata Stanley Management for an executive headshot session of our senior management team and to complicate things, it was done offsite in a remote location outside Atlanta. Paata Stanley Management was professional from the first email communication; followed up promptly; provided excellent customer service and a fantastic end product. We were very pleased with the end results and will use the shots for both internal and external marketing proposes. I would highly recommend Paata Stanley Management!"

Jacqueline Allison Executive Assistance to CEO

"Working with Paata Stanley Managment group has proven to be a blessing as an emerging photographer. Paata is extremely reliable and professional..he has the best interest in mind and understands the "photographers" craft. HE Knows the hard work and long hours us photographers put in therefore his respect runs deep! Paata is skillfully selective when picking out the best professionals for his cliental as well. I truly enjoyed working for the clients because they were a reflection of him which is kind good- hearted, on point business wise and overall extremely professional."

Shaunte Cannon
S.Cannon Media

In our experience, Paata Stanley works extremely hard to ensure projects move forward smoothly and in a timely fashion. His dedication is never in question.

2W Design

I was thoroughly impressed with the timeliness and professionalism of Paata Management. The way they handled my request with clarity and accuracy encourages me to work with them in the future.

Gerard Henry

I would like to share with you the wonderful experience that I have had working with Paata Stanley Management over that last two years. Being that I am "high maintenance" per my husband, total quality is very important to me. Well, Paata Stanley Management really went above and beyond my expectation when conducting the pre-process, the actual photo shoot and post- process. The documentation of who, what, where, why and how was all outlined and left no questions about details for that date.. Being that my schedule for the competition was not exactly down to the minute, the photographer was flexible and able to adjust accordingly to ensure that all of the special moments for my FIRST figure fitness competition were captured.

I am due to schedule a family photo shoot very soon with Paata Stanley Management and just the thought of knowing that every detail will be handled with efficiency makes be EXCITED!!! I am looking forward to utilizing this company year after year. I would highly recommend that you allow them the opportunity to work on any special events that you may have lined up for the summer. You will truly be happy that you selected them. Mr. Stanley, please share a few of my photos with your future clients! One very satisfied customer!!!

With Best Regards,
Dee Dee Bullock

Working with Paata Stanley Management has been a first class experience from beginning to end. From the initial consultation to the photo activation and editing, the photographers and assistants were reliable and professional and our images were perfection. I have added them to my preferred vendor list and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for photography services.

Thank you again for a job well done.

Elisha Silvera, CEO
The Silvera Group

Paata Stanley is a wonderful rep, he not only looks out for his clients but his artists as well. He truly has both interests at heart. He makes a great effort that all the details are tight and organized, making the job that much more enjoyable. I look forward to being represented by Paata for a very long time.

Stefanie Breslin-Photographer

I've only been a client of Paata Stanley Management for a short while. As a new photographer there were certain things about the business side that I just did not know. Paata was no more than an email, text or phone call away - to which at all times he responded instantaneously I might add. It showed me how dependable he was and how dedicated he is to his clients. The first project I did for him was so easy to deal with, no discussing prices with the client, follow up or any type of administrative work was involved. All I had to do was show and shoot. And just as with everything else, he moved fast to make sure that I was compensated as per whatever the agreed upon rate was. In this business, everyone wants their Jerry McGuire. I think I've found mine early in Paata Stanley

Alfonza Coleman III- Photographer

When I met Paata Stanley of PSM, I knew that he was passionate about his business. He was proactive in his due diligence towards the photographers which I recommended to him by actively seeking them out and finding opportunities for their growth in their particular area of expertise. I would definitely recommend Paata to any other person seeking representation.

Yolanda Marsh

Working with Paata Stanley has been a pleasure. He is a driven, hardworking, passionate professional who is committed to his word. Not soon after agreeing to work with Paata did he get me jobs and his hands on approach to managing made my experience stress free and quick. He's a great guy who takes time out to answer your phone calls and he will always follow up. He also is a wealth of resources and does not hesitate to share with you. You will never go wrong with Paata on your side.

Lauren M. Marsh- Photographer

Paata has been extremely diligent in working on my behalf. He found work quickly, and made the communication between myself and the client efficient and easy! He has been a great asset to my business!

Earle Smith/Owner- FourSeventyEight Graphic Design and Media Services

When I was first approached about working with Paata Stanley Management, I was skeptical. But it did not take long for Mr. Stanley to put my mind and ease. Paata Stanley Management has been an invaluable resource to my photography business. Mr. Stanley has the personality and resources to find profitable work. I am proud to be associated with Paata Stanley Management.

Mckenzie Dunn- Photographer

My experience with Paata Stanley Management was great. I loved how they communicated with me in a timely manner. Even though I am inexperienced, I wasn't treated as such. If anything, I've learned alot and am looking forward to working with the company photography Kareem Quow is an excellent photographer!!!!

Anita Berry

Working with Paata Stanley Management has been a wonderful experience. Paata Stanley’s consistent follow up and knowledge (of a first timer) made it an easier task to be able to ask the right questions of the photographer. I want to thank Paata Stanley Management for being professional and proactive. We all here at ADC look forward to working with your company again in the near future.

Shyla Malloy
Executive Assistant
External Affairs/Resource Development
Abyssinian Development Corporation

I have been a client of Paata Stanley Management for only a short time, and in that time Paata Stanley Management has helped me effectively, efficiently, and perhaps most important, profitably book photoshoots as well as advised me about innovative ways to market my photography business. Paata Stanley Management provided me much of the admin services that I used to do myself. That alone has been so valuable in alleviating stress, and freeing up precious time that I am able to now utilize developing the creative aspect of my business. Paata Stanley Management has addressed my needs in a timely and professional manner and have always kept my best interests forefront in their efforts. Because I am confident of Paata Stanley Management I am positive that I will be able to acquire more clients across a broader demographic and acquire them at a higher frequency. I would definitely recommend Paata Stanley Management to anyone considering management for their professional photography business.

Kareem Quow
KQPhotography, Atlanta

Working with Paata Stanley is easy. His consistently upbeat attitude, proactive and practical approach, prompt professional follow-up, and genuine enthusiasm for his creative clients is an invaluable asset. As a small business partner, I especially value PSM's ability to network with a diverse team of people and resources, and dependably manage all details of a project. Plus, Paata is honest, straightforward and fair, so everyone on the team benefits.

Ciel Mahoney, SugarHill Works

I have had the occasion to work with Paata Stanley for myself as an artist, and in referring appropriate candidates from my art world to work with him for their art (photography, music, etc.). He is articulate about what he does, what he can do for a particular client, and never over extends his reach. he has proven forthright, serious, professional, knowledgeable and fair. i would recommend him to all aspiring artists to get greater visibility and to grow with an agent who takes a serious personal interest in his client's success.

Leah Poller

"Working with Paata Stanley Management has been a great experience so far. Although our relationship is fairly new, I do look forward to future projects with this great company. I appreciate the high level professionalism shown, and I feel confident that we will have a healthy, and prosperous business relationship that will extend far into the future."

Nancy Branch

If you need a professional, knowledgable and always available representation call Paata Stanley. If you have a contract that needs to be negotiated Paata Stanley is your guy. You need a deal to be closed. Call Paata Stanley! Business is first priority & work is always collaborative. Work is fun with Paata. He is reliable and clients know he means business. That's Paata Stanley management.

Russell Frederick Photographer

I am a photographer François Bonneau ( plus 15 years. I specialize in photographing people. I met last January Paata Stanley (Paata Stanley Management) through a friend. At that time I showed my photos of work and he recognized my talent as an photographer. A few days later he called and emailed to request a photographer for the AP (Association Press, New York) and since mid-January I'm with AP February, I needed to extend my visa (0-1) I called Paata to ask if he wanted to support me as an photographer, he accepted and wrote a letter on my abilities as a photographer. We met only a few weeks ago, and each time I call, email, text him he makes time to always available or return calls or e-mails quickly. Paata thanks for your support, your greatness, responsibility


Paata Stanley Management provided a location for my award-winning television show 12-Steps To Recovery. It was a location that was pivotal in an episode and Paata Stanley received an associate producer credit for it. He was extremely professional and hospital with the cast and crew and as the director/producer, I will not hesitate to enlist his services again.

Tony Clomax
Film Director

I've had the privilege to work on several teams with Paata Stanley. His leadership and reliability are hallmarks of his character and key indicators of his proven industry success.

Brian Salter
Videographer & Producer

Paata Stanley management is a graphic designer's/photographer's dream! I thoroughly enjoy working with PSM and i eagerly look forward to future projects.

Herbert "Trae" Wilborn III
Chief Marketing Officer
Graphic Designer